Ouroboros is a multifaceted work that explores life from visual, psychological and philosophical angles. On the surface, the images give a view into the surprising visual richness and sensuality of our surrounding world. Looking deeper, the images express and excite mental states of both personal and universal character. Finally, as a series of images, the work contemplates the flow of life and the multitude of stages, transitions and alternations involved.

There are exciting visual discoveries to be found in all sorts of things that we often overlook or take for granted. Over the years, I have been especially fascinated by the little world of wood. So I decided to show wood in ways that we are not used to seeing it. I have brought out the surprisingly vast multitude of colors, forms, shapes and surface qualities that make up what we know as wood and presented them with intensity and passion. In this way, the images have come to form an intimate and captivating portrait of wood that forces us to go beyond our preconceived notions and take a new look at something familiar yet unknown.

Our mental universe is rich and diverse, filled with emotions, thoughts and fantasies ranging from the animalistic through the intellectual to the spiritual. I am intrigued by this universe and experiment extensively with it through my images. As a result, the images stand as expressive mental landscapes that may excite both personal and universal emotions, thoughts and fantasies in us depending on our particular backgrounds.

Life is complex, strange, wonderfull and highly dynamic. Indeed, it is often a challenge to comprehend. Therefore, we all have some sort of faith, philosophy or conviction about it; a way of perceiving and accepting life. Through symbolism and metaphors, Ouroboros looks at how everything turns upon itself in the process of birth and death - how there are no beginnings without ends and no ends without beginnings. It looks at how interplay between counterpoints is needed to create excitement, tension and harmony, and how this is fundamental in driving life through its eternal cycles. It looks at how these processes are the same at all levels of life be it microcosm or macrocosm, be it body, mind or spirit.

Ouroboros is a work still in progress. I am excited to see how it develops over time and invite you to follow the development here on the website.